Bennett Machine & Stamping Company specializes in custom metal stamping and deep drawing of parts that range from canisters to sensor components. An inventory of about 30 stamping machines in capacities from 20 to 400 tons enables us to meet your thin/heavy gauge, short/long run, bulk, complex, or prototype requirements. Our 200-ton deep drawing machines can draw parts up to 14″ in depth. We work with cold rolled, HRPO, stainless, and galvanized steel.

Our metal stamping services also include, coining, forming, progressive die stamping, perforating, and punching. The stamping dies used in all such processes are completely designed and built in house. This helps us to produce countersunk, embossed, or threaded features to exact customer specifications. We also perform prototype stamping, spot welding, in-die tapping, and assembly operations on request.

Stamping components of up to 12″ in diameter is our specialty. We stamp reflectors, sensor components, printed circuit contacts, and other critical parts for the electronics industry. Deep drawing of diaphragms and other components for medical applications is performed too.