We manufactured these Axilok retainers for a customer in the trucking industry. To minimize secondary processing operations, Bennett Machine & Stamping Company produced the retainers through progressive tooling and piercing. After finalizing the production process, our expert team stamped the custom parts from 0.076″ thick carbon steel sheets. The 4.80″ wide retainers were precision stamped to exact customer specifications. We fabricated a variety of stamped retainers in custom configurations for this customer. These custom stamped retainers were packaged and delivered to the customer’s location in Illinois.


Capabilities Applied/Processes

Stamping with progressive tooling and piercing

Material Thickness


Product Width

4.80″ Diameter

Cutting Method

Stamped Metal

Base Material

C-1050 Carbon Steel

Material Used

Carbon Steel

Material Finish



Bulk Packaging

Industry for Use



750,000 Pcs/Year

Delivery Time

4 – 6 Weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met

ISO 9001:2008 Per Customer’s Print

Product Name

Axilok Retainer

Drawing Type Accepted


Product Description

Bennett Machine & Stamping Company currently produces several sizes of this type of retainers in two gauges of material. These parts are produced using progressive tooling and piercing slotted holes as flat blanks on the die.