Metal Stamped Bracket for Elevator Doors

Metal Stamped Bracket for Elevator DoorsBennett Machine & Stamping Company manufactured these stamped metal brackets for a major elevator door manufacturer. The customer used to manually tap 8 1/4 - 20 holes into these sheaves. We analyzed the elevator door manufacturer's need and integrated in-die tapping operations in our precision stamping processes to reduce the overall cost of manufacturing the metal brackets. Our experienced team designed and manufactured progressive stamping tooling for this sheet metal fabrication project. The 0.22" bracket was stamped from hot rolled, pickled, and oiled sheet metal. Through JIT programs, we ensured prompt delivery of the stamped metal brackets.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Design and build progressive stamping tooling including in-die tapping
Material Thickness 0.220"
Base Material Hot rolled, Pickled, and Oiled
Industry for Use Elevator Industry
Volume 200,000/Yr
Delivery Time JIT
Delivery Location NY
Standards Met ISO 9001:2008
Product Name Sheave
Drawing Type Accepted AutoCAD
Product Description A major elevator door manufacturer was manually tapping eight ¼" - 20" holes into these sheaves. In a cost savings effort, they contracted Bennett Machine & Stamping Company to design and build new stamping tooling that would include in-die tapping during the manufacturing of the part. The result saved the client thousands of dollars.

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