Deep Drawn Can Carbon Steel for Bearing Manufacturers

Deep Drawn Can Carbon Steel for Bearing ManufacturersBennett Machine & Stamping Company produced these carbon steel cans for a bearing manufacturer in Ohio. The inner and outer cans were used to cast bronze bearing blanks. We used hydraulic cushion presses to produce the deep drawn carbon steel stampings. Stamping dies for this job were designed and built in house. Two successive deep draw stamping operations including piercing and trimming were performed on 0.090" thick carbon steel sheets. After stamping, the can had a deep draw depth of 6-1/2". Finally, we packaged the custom sheet metal stampings in returnable containers and shipped them to the specified location.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Deep drawn stamping using hydraulic press with cushions; 2 draw processes including pierce and trim; run off coil
Material Thickness 0.090 Thick
Product Width 10" Including Flange
Product Height 6-1/2" Deep
Base Material Carbon Steel
Packaging Returnable Containers at 700 Pcs/Crate
Industry for Use Bearing Manufacturer
Volume 10,000/Yr
Delivery Time 4 - 6 Weeks
Delivery Location Ohio
Standards Met ISO 9001:2008
To customer supplied print
Product Name Outer can and inner can
Design Work Design and build tooling, manufacture and ship parts
Drawing Type Accepted AutoCAD
Product Description Major Bearing manufacturer required an inner and outer can with which to cast bronze bearing blanks. The deep drawn tooling for both components were designed and built in-house based on client specifications.

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