Deep Drawn Back Cup Assembly for the Trucking Industry

Deep Draw Back Cup Assembly - Geneva, Ohio - Bennett Machine & StampingAt our ISO certified precision metal stamping facility, we manufactured these deep drawn back cup assemblies for a truck manufacturing customer in Texas. Stamping dies/tooling for the project were designed and fabricated in house. Nitrogen gas springs used in the tooling provided high holding forces through the entire stroke length. Hot rolled, pickled, and oiled material was used to stamp the back cup assembly. As a special feature, we manufactured these deep drawn metal assemblies with brazed fittings. Finally, the deep drawn back cup assemblies were zinc plated.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Progressive deep drawn stamping using tooling with nitrogen gas springs, assembly includes a brazed fitting
Material Thickness 0.075"
Product Length 1"
Base Material Hot Rolled, Pickled, & Oiled (HRPO)
Material Finish Zinc Plated
Special Feature Brazed Fitting Assembly
Secondary Operations Applied Zinc Plating
Industry for Use Trucking
Volume 150,000/Yr
Delivery Time JIT
Delivery Location Texas
Standards Met ISO 9001:2008
Product Name Back Cup Assembly
Design Work Design, build, and maintain progressive stamping die/tooling
Drawing Type Accepted AutoCAD

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